Question on LinkedIn: Are Brochures Still Worth Spending Time and Money On?

Brochures definitely have use, but that use has changed and understanding the change is key to properly using your budget. Once a client asked me this and I told them to “analyze their budget”. 10 years ago, a client would produce an annual report, overprint it like crazy, send it to a bloated mailing list that consisted of anybody who played any role whatsoever in their company. The waste was costly and not really sustainable. I mean, only analysts read the entire annual report. Take the part for us humans (summary, what we’ve been doing, etc.) and turn it into a brochure of half the length and a quarter the costs or put the reportage online. The best web strategy often has a confluence of the web and print. When the television reached critical mass, it didn’t eliminate, it changed the way radio was utilized in the household. Radio at the time was used for all types of programming but the advent of television made certain types of radio more useful than television by comparison. Similar with brochures. Brochures are useful but in particular in ways that the web or tv aren’t. For instance, running fine print on the web or tv makes the advertiser look like a scammer because the type is so small or on tv for so little time the inference is that it’s not there to read. We can’t curl up with the internet the same way. Brochures are of course still very portable and when done well can appeal to have a keepsake quality to its audience (like House Industries or VEER direct mail). Bottom line is each tool is the delivery of a message, not a strategy by itself. And it takes using them sometimes together to answer your individual needs.


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