Easy Process …

It's funny. A client asked me recently "Were we difficult?" in the
selection of a logo design. The design process came from more than ten variations some of them ranging from the figurative to the literal. At times it felt like we were solving health care by having a process
of going through the designs, as if they were contestants on a reality show. All in all, answering honestly, I can told them "no, not at all."

The most difficulty with a client this way is when they don't have anything to say or aren’t completely honest about their aspirations or predilections. A designer taps into the passions of the client. If the imagery that the designer comes away with is wrong or says the wrong things (sometimes in the mind of the client), the worst process is for nothing to be said. The best (or at least better process) is when the cllent persists with a process that allows us to work through equivocating what is "wrong," sends the wrong message or delves to unearth where the client is hung up. From there we can develop a path to get through the process by addressing the often astute concerns and developing clear alternatives.


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