Linked In Question: Should I (or you) create separate Twitter accounts to "follow and be followed" by different interests?

I think the day has already come for (some) regular Twitter users to have separate accounts. Twitter as great as it is, provides alot of wasted pixel noise and navel-gazing. A report on the BBC website recently claimed that 40% of tweets are babble. I’m inclined to believe them, when thinking about my own tweets. I have created two accounts one for my business interests and one for my more mundane—or poignant—but less-focused personal likes.

I often comment on various things from happiness that my favorite cookies are at least a dollar and a half cheaper at Wal-Mart than anywhere else to commenting on the failed redesign of the Tropicana Orange Juice container. I quickly realized that while these are both of interest to me, they may not be of interest to my friends, Facebook friends (people with whom I am friendly, but not necessarily close) and Twitter followers (in some cases, people I don’t know at all).

But as it relates to your interest, you are (or can be) a content generator and in this “open-source” society, your take has a role in shaping the world of thought. While I suppose I can tolerate a celebrity talking about cooking eggs or picking up his kids from school or something (I can’t blame that person, if I followed them), Twitter’s promise is quick, yet defining, information that reveals things that regard to that person’s way of seeing the world or deeper insights than I might get through other means.

As a designer, I look for design tweets or as a cyclist, I look for comments about training as reasons why I’d follow a “random” person. Frankly, I wonder why people follow me. That question puts pressure (good pressure, sometimes) on me to comment on how I see things and contribute to the “discussion” as it were.


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