Disney buys Marvel

Who am I to ask whether Disney can pull off the purchase of Marvel comics, but here are a couple thoughts.

Disney characters were always so wholesome, that after I got over the whole era where you had your parents buy Mickey-Mouse ears, the whole character line-up always seemed too pure, too whit-bread to relate to my experience. Marvel characters were diametric opposites: born out of the awkward pain of life. That struggle is the whole backstory of the X-Men which as a kid I never thought would make it to the movie theaters because it was seemingly too rebellious.

Think about the dramatic difference between the first full-length feature Batman film and Batman Begins. Event the updated Michael Keaton Batman (which outdid the Adam West show) was a studio production whose hardest edge was having Prince do the music. By contrast, Chritian Bale’s Batman Begins was a hardened epic whose approach surprised people because it drew on the dark history and past of Batman for the movie’s energy. That energy was equaled in the recent sequel. Given the branding of Disney, it’s hard to imagine the divide that allows those brands to exist in the same house.

Disney should’ve bought DC Comics instead and tried to develop the stories of some of the line-up on that side or reinvigorate the timid, staid approaches to the story-telling. DC Comics was a more brightly balanced line-up of characters that seemed to match the spirit of Disney and by contrast it’s probably undervalued as all the Marvel Comics are hitting movie theaters for god, bad and terrible movie offerings.

I, for one, would watch a movie that explained the value of Aquaman’s ability. Or, I ‘d love for them to answer a question like whether Aquaman gave Wonder Woman airfare for flying him to the scene of Hall of Justice conflicts. Also, what was the value of Wonder Woman’s plane being invisible if the occupants could be seen?


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