What Have You Done For Me Lately?

The famous saying and more or less famous song from Janet Jackson plays a critical role in the pricing of services: my internet, for instance. I’ve had the same internet service for years. All the while internet has gone from a specialty to a commodity to the point where we’d ask a question about who didn’t have internet. All in all, we can get internet from “anywhere” these days.

So in the middle of a recession, seems like a good time to review the bill and “complain”. Hey, the service is great, but what have they done for me lately? Turns out that there is so much out there that regardless of my loyalty they need to watch their back and think of me as a “free agent.”

So, in the conversation I get the bill reduced 25% and I’m still only “satisfied” not elated. Why? the feature base is irrelevant. I got more emails that I use, web space that doesn’t suit me (I’ve got a whole cloud somewhere else), and un-targeted features. Among the features I could use are some hybrid of project management software like http://www.actionmethod.com or http://www.basecamphq.com and honorable mention to Mac server’s cloud service and enhanced sharing capability.

Those project management sites are moving in the direction of what design firms need, at a price, of course.

Now if only they offered internet… I’m awaiting this type of call now from my clients. What to do? Lower price or enhance utility.


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