Can’t We (Internet Devices) Just Get Along?

Sergey Brin recent reflection ( on the threat of the open internet resounds for me in considering how the iCloud (Apple) and Google Calendar can’t talk to one another.

“… as the influx of ‘restrictive’ walled gardens including the likes of Apple and Facebook – enforcing their own set of rules as to what software can be issued on their platforms.” says Sergey Brin.Read more:

I have a longstanding calendar with Google, but Apple can’t load it. The Apple Calendar’s subscription feature is unable to be loaded into Google’s Calendar. This means most of us who split time with each’s products—be they physical products or programs (cloud platforms, calendars, etc.)—are left like the child of divorcing parents, forced to spend time in one realm or the other.

Apple products (iPad, iPod, etc.) are great. Insofar as they can be connected to an open internet, they have immense value. By contrast, their cloud environment(s) isn’t full there. There are sooo many cloud functionality products out there now, those with nightmares from dealing with Apple’s admittedly underperforming MobileMe (yours truly) cringe at interface issues on iCloud. Because Google’s functionality is great: Gmail, Google Calendar are good and consistent, even if they are not the best looking interfaces on the planet. Their physical products (by extension the design and work process of Android phones) is yet to be fully maximized. The rub for consumers comes in when the two need to work together.

But, right now, the calendar programs can’t talk and I don’t understand why. To me, irrespective of how unique your products and systems are, I thin you still need an “auxiliary jack” that allows different interfaces and devices to connect to that wonderful product and put it into their lives.


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